Social Services


There are lots of ways you can get involved with AEID work through volunteering.

The work of volunteers is central to everything we do and allows us to continue our life-saving work in Ethiopia.

Office Volunteer

we have limited number of volunteers in our head and project office who generously contribute their services. Most of the volunteers assist with light administrative, finance and program section but some come on board for limited time periods to work on special projects.

Applying for AEID Internship and Applying for Fundraising

If you are interested in helping in the fundraising volunteer, please get in touch. We would be thrilled to have you on our team.

Interested in creating your own fundraiser? Any interested volunteer want to organize fundraising activities and events is highly welcomed under values of organization. The support is invaluable to us and we’re happy to support your fundraising efforts in whatever way we can.

How to become a volunteer

The following are criteria for being voluntaries for AEID
How to choose and recruit potential volunteers:

• Have to first decide how many youth we have space for in these positions at a time

• Always aim for 50% female volunteers

• Formal option: Every January and July, the programs team will ask older participants who are interested to apply.

• More informal: Staff can nominate participants who stand out particularly with their interest and dedication, level of maturity etc.

• Considerations: Can they be a role model? Attitude, respectfulness, interest in humanitarian work, motivation

Relevant skills: required for the position

Time commitment

• Minimum twice per week for males, once per week for females (since it’s more difficult for females to travel freely especially in the project areas).

• Must commit to a set schedule and be reliable.

Interview/application process

• Application form made available.

• Shortlisted applicants are invited for an interview.

• Set of interview questions administered by the Programs team (see example at end of this document) o Interview/application process should be possible to complete orally for youth with low/no literacy

• Get direct input/recommendation from those who will be their supervisors for potential positions

• Ensure the student has permission from their parents/guardians to be a volunteer.


• Remember any volunteer under the age of 18 is a child and must be treated as a student, not the same as an adult volunteer.

• All volunteers should get professional development and learning opportunities.

• A buddy (staff member) should be assigned, to get the volunteer up to speed through orientation, job-shadowing

• Make clear what expectations we have, as well as what they can expect.

• Provide necessary trainings about polices like: Code of conduct, gender and child protection etc.

Learn about the various ways you can help as a volunteer for AEID.
• Age

• Volunteer instructors 15 & up

• Potential full time assistant type of position 18 & up

• Time already involved at your project

• Minimum 6 months, which way they have already, have a good understanding of our programs

• Recruiting volunteers who have already attended for a few months means we already have an idea of each student’s attitude before they apply. From there we can already know which of the interested students would be a potential good fit for our programs


• Certificate of completion

• Regularly saying "thank you!"

Volunteer Interview Questions

1)What does [project] do?

2) Please tell us about yourself – what are you interested in, what are your favourite activities you enjoy doing?

3) What are your personal goals with school and work/career?

4) Please tell us about any relevant skills you have, including skateboarding:

5) Please describe your professional experience:

6) Please describe your experience with vulnerable groups:

7) Are you currently in school? If so, what are your hours?

9) What time commitment can you offer? (Per week, and for how many months?)

Become A Volunteer

Let’s make a difference in the lives of others

Currently Afro Ethiopia Integrated Development has 70 full time staff and 95 volunteers of which 30 are females